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We Know Tomatoes

At HeinzSeed, we're known for our quality seeds for the global processing industry. With an established reputation for high field and factory yields, we continue to provide the best tomato seeds to our customers.

Quality of Seeds
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High Tonnage

During the development of new seed hybrids, our breeding team relies on years of experience to create varieties that have excellent yields to produce high tonnage per acre.

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HeinzSeed produces hybrid seed with Extended Field Storage that are capable of staying in the fields after harvesting, where the tomatoes can await sufficient processing capacity at factories without losing their quality.

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Fruit Shape and Color

Nothing is more important than the looks of a tomato. That's why HeinzSeed breeds tomatoes that possess a beautiful color, together with shapes suited for different processing applications.

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Brix and Viscosity

Our seed with different Brix values and corresponding viscosity ensure optimal usability for all kinds of tomato processing applications.

2023 New Varieties
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“We have a consolidated partnership for many years with HeinzSeed for its excellent performance in the field and industry in the process of whole peeled tomatoes, cubes and tomato paste. We are always testing new hybrids in our fields looking for the excellence and the technical support offered by HeinzSeed team, which has formed the pillars of this successful partnership.”

Ângelo Auricchio & Cia Ltda (Olé)

“I've been working with Heinz hybrids for many years. I have a lot of confidence in the company and in the search for the best characteristics that they carry out for the different tomato varieties, always thinking about the best field yield and good characteristics to gain efficiency and quality in the industrial process.”

Patagonia Fresh

“We have had a close relationship with the company HeinzSeed and, of course, in the use of their hybrids. We particularly trust the company and its genetic development. Their hybrids have very good adaptation to our climate, soil & water management, and at the manufacturing level allow us to obtain a product of very good characteristics.
We hope to continue moving forward together with new developments for the good production of tomatoes for the industry in Peru.”

Products Made With HeinzSeed
Whole Peeled Tomatoes images
Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Whole peeled tomatoes can be crushed, or pureed to make sauces, soups, and stews.

Diced Tomatoes images
Diced Tomatoes

Heinz Diced Tomatoes in juice have a sweet fresh tomato flavor and deep red tomato color.

Tomato Paste images
Tomato Paste

Paste plays a role in numerous recipes worldwide, from pizza to different tomato based dishes.

Tomato Ketchup images
Tomato Ketchup

HeinzSeed hybrids contain strong characteristics to make delicious ketchup.