Origins of HeinzSeed
From its foundation in the 19th century, Henry J. Heinz always had a strong belief in the power of agriculture. To bring that belief to life, the H.J Heinz Company began a tomato breeding program in 1936 at Bowling Green, Ohio.

The goal of the program was to improve yield and disease resistance, a purpose that is still aimed for as of today. The breeding program has always focused on processing tomatoes and that focus continues today.
Premium Hybrid Seed
The commercial success of HeinzSeed hybrids propelled HeinzSeed into the seed industry in 1992. HeinzSeed hybrids quickly established a reputation with growers for reliable high tonnage, firmness, and high color with high viscosity.

This reputation was confirmed by the industry, and by 1995, HeinzSeed had become the leader for processing tomato seed in North America.
Global Presence
Even today, HeinzSeed is a leader in tomato seeds in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, and sells seed into more than 40 countries.

The HeinzSeed Company is currently headquartered in Stockton, California. To maintain our leading position in the creation of new tomato seed hybrids, HeinzSeed has breeding stations and field trials across the globe.