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MATURITY Direct seed maturity for machine harvest in California is early (108 days).
VINE TYPE The medium sized vine is semi-prostrate and provides better foliar cover when planted in higher plant populations.
FRUIT The medium sized (66 g) very firm fruit are oval in shape, and have a very small stem scar and a jointless pedicel.
DISEASE RESISTANCE H9661 carries the genes (Ve, I, I2, Mi, Pto) for resistance to Verticillium race 1, Fusarium races 1 and 2, root-knot nematode, bacterial speck, and has tolerance to Alternaria stem canker.
ADAPTATION Under arid conditions, H9661 provides excellent yields of very firm fruit with good color when seeded in a double row culture.
COMMENTS H9661 is a very good setting hybrid which produces high consistency products for an early maturing variety. H9661 is suited for peeling and dicing.

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