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MATURITY Direct seeded maturity for machine harvest in California is 115 days (second-early).
VINE TYPE The medium sized vine is prostrate.
FRUIT The medium sized fruit (76g) are pear shaped with a small stem scar and jointless pedicel. They are well suited for the whole peel ‘Italian’ pear pack.
DISEASE RESISTANCE H1292 is resistant to Verticilium, Fusarium races 1 and 2, nematode, bacterial speck, and tomato spotted wilt virus.
ADAPTATION Under arid conditions H1292 produces good yields of medium sized pear shaped fruits with an average ° Brix of 5.4.


H1292 produces a medium size, prostrate vine that produces medium size, pear shaped fruit. The fruit have excellent color and peel very well. H1292 has high Brix and with TSWV resistance, is a good choice for whole peel pear and diced products.

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