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picture of H2601

MATURITY H1015 is a second early (114 days) variety.
VINE TYPE H1015 exhibits a medium sized prostrate vine. It needs to be pushed early to get the proper size, especially under cool temperatures.
FRUIT The shape and size of the jointless H1015 are very uniform. Shape is blocky and size is around 80 grams. Fruit °Brix is 5.2.
DISEASE RESISTANCE H1015 carries the genes (Ve, I, I2, Mi, Pto) for resistance to Verticillium race 1, Fusarium races 1 and 2, root-knot nematode, and bacterial speck.
ADAPTATION H1015 does very well under both arid and humid condtions. Fruit hold well due to extended field storage, even when harvested late in the season.


Excellent variety for multiuse peel/dice and/or cold break paste.

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